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  1. 2010.02.12 [플래시게임] Warfare 1944 - Armor Games 3위게임 (2)


Rising out of the trenches and onto the battlefield of Normandy, Warfare 1944 sees the U.S Forces take on the German Wehrmacht.

Version 1.1 Changes
- Difficulty options when starting a campaign
- Autosave notifications
- Fix for some Objective based missions not reseting properly

- German tank damage fixed (was too low)
- Tanks now concentrate fire on dangerous targets (bazooka teams and other tanks)
- Increased Tank armor for both sides
- Better A.I for Bazooka / Panzershreck teams with regards to tanks
- Reduced buffer at edge of screen to help block flanking troops at last minute
- Reduced Officer cost
- Reduced Air Support cost
- Reduced Bazooka / Panzershreck resupply time slightly

- Fix for units jumping out of empty cover

- Fix for discount upgrades (such as “In Good Supply”)
- In Good Supply lowered to 20% cost reduction from 25%


Select unit then click on the battlefield to deploy. (유닛을선택해서 배틀필드에 생산합니다)

Instructions in game.

외국 유명 플래시 전문포털 아머게임즈의 3위게임

워페어 1994입니다.

조작법은 간단하고 꽤나 머리써야하는게임입니다.

재미있게 하세요^^

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